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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Fashion Tech Challenge

In our transition from the 'summer camp' mode to the academic lab school mode, we are taking three days to do alternative challenges. Day one saw students divided into teams of four, faced with a bag of materials and a time limit. In this one, they had to design and create clothing for one boy and one girl in 25 minutes using newspaper and tape.
The students were terrifically cooperative and got right at it.
Here is one of our stars, fitting some sleeves. I love the flower tucked in his ear.
You can tell the kids really hated the whole thing. Like this young lady, clearly bored to tears!
 The nice thing about working on the open deck was that groups could steal ideas freely, such as head gear.
Secretly in the art room, Nica and Clara were working on their own smashing ensemble using the same materials and under the same  time constraints.
We finished with a proper fashion show including a prance up the cat walk.
As one of the judges, I had my work cut out for me (points for style, coverage, catwalk, and durability), but in the end it was unanimous for  our winners, for their creative flourishes.
 We finished with our surprise guest strutting her stuff to hoots and hollas!
Our subsequent challenge involved a bit more direct structural engineering, building a "flag pole"

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