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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Drama Dress Rehearsal

The dress rehearsals all took place on Friday, two days before the arrival of our benefactors. Out of the ten plays, I decided that seven were ready for 'prime time'. This meant that one youngster asked about his play approximately 1,000,000 times..."When will MYplay be going on?"...
That's because we had told them that the good news was that ALL the plays were successful and all were chosen. 
The problem with futzing on the truth to spare children's feelings of failure is, as with any less than truth, it simply pushes heartache down the road a bit. 

Anyway, we focused on polishing the seven, first inside the classroom, and then out in our 'performance' space - which is just a flat open deck, prone to gusty winds and partly open to afternoon showers. I have already started dreaming of raising funds for a proper small amphitheater somewhere on the grounds, and talking with Jo the art gal about collaborating on its design. 

Below are some photos of Friday:

This is practicing in the classroom early in the week:

And this is with make up and costumes on the deck where we performed. One plays a grandmother who forbids her son to play with a 'bad' girl.  In some ways she really has the air of a serene old woman.

This is the one of two animal plays with a bee, a bird, and a hunter.
How is that for a bird costume?
And this is from the very first skit put on, about a Longan fruit seller who is short changed some money. Mostly I think they were excited about eating the fruit post performance...

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