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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day One



A small, triangularish shape somewhere near...Vietnam right?

Cambodia -

Where they had that horrible genocide, yeah?
Really poor, I think.

Vagaries, but true. This is a house in a slum, a 10 minute walk from the school.

This is the mother and two of the daughters (you just see the older in the background) who call it home, being interviewed by Lita and Reksmey, a house parent and Khmer teacher from Liger.

What kind of future will these children have?

That is a primary question for Liger, as I understand it. And the Liger Center is an answer by way of an experiment.

In a loving, lovely environment, children can excel academically and flourish emotionally, and they will start a positive wave that will impact their families, communities, and country.

The gift we have been given, by an extraordinary benefactor, is the time and space and children to test this hypothesis.

This is one of our students. He is drawing his portrait on the first day. Who does he see?
Certainly more than vagaries. Hopefully more than labels.
Who will he see in ten years, when his experience at Liger is concluding? I hope  to be there to take the picture, but surely he will not need me to provide the answer.

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